Look in the Mirror, Black Girl.

Dear Black Girl,

Do you know how powerful you are? Sure the world doesn’t seem to want to notice, but it notices. Sure you

don’t often see yourself on the cover of the fashion magazines, or in the lead roles for blockbuster movies, but you see influences of your beauty everywhere and that’s powerful. For evidence, look in the mirror.

Do you realize how resilient you are? Sure, it seems like outside influences of society and life in general weigh on you without reprieve, but you always find a way to forge ahead, even stronger than you were before. Never playing the victim, only reaching inside and making contact with that…thing. That thing makes you you. Yep. It’s still there and it’s not going anywhere. For evidence, look in the mirror.

Do you understand how beautiful you are? Sure, there may have been a time when someone attempted to make you feel bad about Mother Nature’s decision to color you dark. Mother even designed your hair in tangles. But there are no mistakes. Your skin glides across your form with the silkiness of the finest chocolate and check back in 20 years. Only one thing will have changed: You will have only become more radiant and that’s beautiful. For evidence, look in the mirror.

Look in the mirror, black girl. Fall in love with the person you are.

Shared with Love,

PS – You are “bad” in the greatest sense of the word!

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4 Responses to Look in the Mirror, Black Girl.

  1. kekemichel says:

    Happy New Year Sistah!

    I just read your post and I feel like I have just been blessed by a message sent straight from above. Those are such loving sisterly words and I am so honored that I found this blog. It does take looking in the mirror and asking those questions that you pose. I am serious, we have to ask those questions. And, that is exactly what I am going to do!

    Also, I am following you on twitter. I hope you will follow me too.


    • Wow, I am just now realizing I had these comments! lol. Thanks so much for the loving words and taking the time to read my blog. THIS IS SO EXCITING! Only because we have to encourage ourselves and help support each other as black women. Sometimes we feel like we’re all we have. Again thanks so much for following me on twitter and for subscribing to my blog. I will CERTAINLY return those favors and spread the word of your blog as well.

      Take care!

  2. ajuwah says:

    Where are you? Please don’t stop writing. I’ve just found you and you haven’t written here in months. Your blog is beautiful and so is your writing.
    Please Come Back!!!

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