Wear your crown, Black Girl.

Dear Black Girl,

There simply cannot be a more comforting sensation in all the Earth, than the feel of that soft, downy cloud of kinks atop your head. Some call it curls. Others call it naps. I call it yours.

There may be times when you wished for a mane like Heather’s. Or Emma’s, Rosa’s or Ming’s for that matter. But what’s yours by nature is truly yours and it will never be duplicated. Sometimes emulated, but all and all seldom appreciated.

And that’s ok.

Only you can sport innumerable bouncy twists on Monday, only to crown your head with a majestic Afro by Tuesday.

Only you can command your follicles to lock onto themselves, creating ropes of glory in any shape, size or color of your choosing.

Only you can massage a stranger’s eyes at the simple sight of your extraordinarily unique texture.

Yours, Black Girl, is a crown that shines like no other and it will always belong to just you. Here’s to wearing it proudly.

Shared With Love,

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6 Responses to Wear your crown, Black Girl.

  1. Jackie says:

    I agree and love, love, love this!

  2. kekemichel says:

    Hello Sista SWL,
    I just read your post and it is very poignant. Your description of our hair truly instills a sense of pride. Calling it a crown regards our mane as royalty. Our hair is impressive because as you state we can do ANYTHING with it! Your post is clear–it is okay to embrace our natural hair. Interestingly, Chris Rock’s does a segment interview with Raven Simone in his documentary, “Good Hair,” and they are talking about relaxers. He said, a relaxer not only relaxes women’s hair, but “relax” the non black people around them. Raven Simone said, yes it does put others at ease. Thus, there are black women who, more or less, get relaxers not only to look good, but to make others relaxed so that they can fit in. Your post is saying, we have to be true to who we naturally are and make others/non blacks accept us on our terms. The Millennial generation is doing this more so than previous generations. Even though there were some baby boomers who embraced “naturals,” “afros/fros,” and “cornrows,” that style waned after the black power revolution. Today’s black women are not doing it to make a statement about politics etc.; instead, they are doing it because it is about keeping it real with themselves.

    I just started my blog a couple of days ago to empower black women too. It would be an honor if you would subscribe and leave commentaries on my blog. Meanwhile, I will definitely subscribe and leave commentaries on your blog.

    Thank you for spreading the love and empowerment!

  3. Thank you so much for the support, people. Keep reading! Much more to come.

  4. LOVE this!!!!!!! Well it definitely looks like there is a movement brewing. 🙂 My blog/project focuses on black women as well and redefining our sisterhood.

    Also, your post title caught my eye as well. Check out my second blog http://www.wheresmycrown.wordpress.com.

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