Try Telling Your Problems to a Night Sky… Seriously!

North Star to FreedomDear Black Girl,

Think back to all the quiet nights you’ve experienced over your lifetime. In the night air, you may have allowed a slight breeze to encompass you. But before long, the silence of a still night ushered in your doubts. Your fears. Your worries. Your anger.  In all your fretting, perhaps it would have helped to simply look up.

Think about this: Of over 107 billion people that have roamed the planet, you are but one. Don’t be mistaken, Black Girl:  there rests immeasurable power in your one. However, considering all that ever was, is and ever will be, here on Earth and beyond this planet, your life, is as minuscule as it is mighty. Stars, though, seem to be forever.

Their formations were a blueprint of sorts for ancient Egyptians, as they built the Great Pyramids of Giza. And on dark nights, the brightness of the North Star literally guided Harriet Tubman to freedom. Yet and still, they remain perched and shining in that vast void…to guide you.

Why waste a second of your existence anxious over life situations that shift as with the winds? Sure, gas is too damn high and you can’t believe what your power bill is looking like this month. You’re still looking for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) and a little more adipose is spilling over your jeans – creating a bigger muffin top than you remember having last month. Still, millions of stars ablaze in a black sky should simply take your breath away.

The next time you stand under a clear night sky, simply absorb it. Ponder the sheer vastness of the universe and let sink in the idea that the same stars that blanket you have witnessed the best and worst humanity has ever had to offer. Hopefully, your problems won’t seem so massive.

Simply put, keep on living. Complaints and worry have their place, but remain ever aware of the brevity of your stay here. If that’s too hard to remember, just look up. That should do the trick.

Now, right now, is YOUR time, black girl. Use it.

Any questions?

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1 Response to Try Telling Your Problems to a Night Sky… Seriously!

  1. Nika says:

    LOVE THIS! Thank you for posting! ~Nika

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