One Amazing Black Girl: Gabrielle Douglas

Flying high at the London Olympics, Gabby Douglas became the first Black woman to claim an All-Around Gold Medal in the Olympic Games .

“Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made. If you can push through the hard days, you can get through anything”

– Gabrielle Douglas, on winning the Women’s Gymnastics Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games.

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3 Responses to One Amazing Black Girl: Gabrielle Douglas

  1. tycobeans says:

    My little (black) girl has been being Go For the Gold Gabby (as she is known at my house) every time she sees a curb to balance on! I think a big part of the reason my little 3 yr old has been so taken by the Olympics is that there are so many black women (& men) that are being shown & profiled. She asks lots of questions about them. I am so thrilled Gabby brought home the gold & made history!

    • I think it’s wonderful that so many Black American athletes have been able to bring home the gold for the USA and invent their own history in the process. Thanks for commenting on my blog, tycobeans!! Make sure you come back.

  2. ajuwah says:

    My sister friend sent me this video today about Gabby Douglass’ ponytail. I think you would like to see…..Ajuwah

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