A Black Girl who Persisted: Run, Sanya! Run!

400-meter sprinter, Sanya Richards-Ross, welcomes a sigh of relief after finally chasing down her elusive Gold Medal.

Rest assured that in pursuing something you’ve never achieved previously, there is a measurable amount of risk involved, including the risk of failure. There will be pain, guaranteed, including the pain of, well, failure. See, Sanya “failed” four years ago. In her eyes, she settled for silver as the goal was gold. Think of the possible doubts that may have crept into Sanya’s head on many days during her training between the Beijing and London Olympic Games.

“Can I still do this?”

“I am four years older now.”

“I can run, but can I really win GOLD?

Without the bright lights of the world stage that is the Olympics, Sanya forged ahead. Eventually, she realized her dream of Gold, after having missed out just 4 years prior. Long awaited proof that it was possible the entire time.

So with that, I ask: What’s it worth to you? Will you permit doubt and fear of failure claim your goals? Or will you get like Sanya, get back up and go for the gold with all you’ve got?

It has been said that to expect defeat is nine-tenths of defeat itself, but the is good news is this: If you simply believe in your ability to create success where it was once just a thought, believe in your ability to circumnavigate the failures you’ll inevitably encounter, (And my dear, you will fail your way to success, so go ahead and get ready.) then you will have your “gold” eventually. Your victory will be that much sweeter because you had the courage to persist.

Somewhere in the world, there is a magnificent podium built with specificity to match your deepest dreams and desires. How hard are you willing to work to climb to the the top of your podium? Now, just because you’ve claimed it doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be easy to mount. But if life is any indication, the rewards are often sweeter when the worthy climb is difficult. Mount Everest ain’t exactly a cake walk, y’know?! Neither is Olympic gold…and neither will be your podium. Make no mistake, though, you are capable of the feat.

But are you willing?


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