How to be a Serena Williams Hater.

(In no particular order:)

1. Accuse Ms. Williams of using steroids after she wins a title.

2. Pretend to be a tennis fan, just so you can root for Serena’s opponents. Doesn’t matter if you can’t pronounce the woman’s name–as long as she beats Serena. You’s a hater.

3. Call her fat, though clearly you can see that she is not.

4. Call her a man, though clearly you can see that she is not. CLEARLY.

5. Compare her to an animal, any animal…just because you’re full of shit.

6. Live your life like it’s still 2009 by bringing up the US Open “foot fault-gate” every chance you get, especially after Serena Williams has won a title. (Or any other time, really.)

7. Feign outrage when your bland ass finally find out what the “c” in C-Walk stands for. Then pretend that Serena Williams is a gang-banger, about to jack every other Olympian for their Gold Medals.

8. Speaking of the Olympics, if you are American you will root against your own country because you love to see Serena lose.

9. On blogs and sports pages, you comment about how her career is “so over” because she lost a match. (Let’s see: Lost at the French Open 2012, won Wimbledon, won Singles and doubles Gold in the Olympics, mere weeks apart. Yep, “sooo over!” EDIT 9/9/12: Add to that list the 2012 US Open Championship. Hey, haters! How you doin’?)

10. Remark about how ‘ghetto’ she is and mention her Compton background as often as you can…though she’s done more and seen more in her life than you will ever see or do in yours.

That pretty much sums it up! Did we leave anything out?


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8 Responses to How to be a Serena Williams Hater.

  1. momomo says:

    Word. That’s how they do Michelle too. Oy BW’s that are powerful will always be attacked. because it’s the opposite of what all men want all women to be and the opposite of what white people want black people to be and the opposite if white women want black women to be and the opposite of what black men want women to be. Power is scary to them. Let them hate, we are poised to take over the world. Trying to make us feel ugly is part of the lie to throw us off our game. Just crip walk it out lil sisters. Love yourself and you will love your life. Be as black and nappy and thick and powerful and proud as you want!!! NEVER let them stop you.

    • Yeah, I think it somehow ‘throws people off’ to see a black woman who’s not only powerful and strong, but one who’s comfortable in her strength, and doesn’t apologize for it. There are strong women any color in the world, but it seems like often times black women are more often punished for it, either directly–as Serena often is– or indirectly through the exclusion of her image in the mainstream. Each are different, but Serena definitely has her share of haters!

  2. freepretzels says:

    I think you’re onto something. Sick of the hate.
    We’re going to have to write about this.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! Yeah, the hating has to stop. She’s arguably THE greatest woman to play the game of tennis. She should be appreciate, if for nothing than that, while she is still playing.

  3. Expert says:

    WTA tour is a joke, actually, mostly due to the infamous sisters “contributions”. From purely tennis perspective, Serena plays just like a mediocre man on tour, with rating b/w 200 and 300 (perhaps lower). That’s all. Whether it is good for woman’s tennis – that would be another question. As of an entertainment value, it is certainly bad. It is sad though that the issue generates so much division… it is not a political issue or.. is it? 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on dearblackgirl and commented:

    A true fighter! Serena Williams: 2012 U.S. Open Champion.

  5. bruce says:

    you got it covered. Thanks

  6. josh says:

    She’s on steroids, get over it. So was that chinese swimmer, so was Flo-Jo, so were the East Germans, so was Lance Armstrong. It’s nothing personal, but they’re on juice, and it’s obvious.

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