Dear Black Girl, If You Want Something, Go Get It.

Don’t wait, accelerate.

You must go get yours, black girl. There’s no limit to what you can attain.

Life simply aches to reward you and the effort you put forth. Life wants to give you everything you asked of it. But as the famous poem goes, if you bargain with Life for a penny, Life will give you…a penny. If you want more from Life, you need only name your price. I guarantee you it’s there, in the exact amount you specified, but you’re the one who has to go get it. Life don’t run no delivery service, child.

So go get yours, girl! What the hell are you waiting for?

Okay, okay. Good things come to those who wait. Great things come to those who hustle. If you get what’s good just by waiting, understand that you settled and got the leftovers while the ‘hustlers’ had the feast. Why wait?? Take the active approach to living and you become successful immediately.

So for the final time, go get what’s yours, dammit! “Shouldas,” “couldas,” and “wouldas” are not your friends.

They are excuses and they are getting you exactly nowhere. You do know that, right? And while your desire may not be getting further away, it’s not getting any closer. Annnnd that’s a problem, because–and I’m sorry to report this but–your Life gets shorter everyday. But, hey, the solution to this is simple: “Make commitments, not excuses.”* People swim in  an ocean of excuses, then have the nerve to act surprised when they drown. Don’t do that. That’s just not cute. 

Besides, you’s a go-getter at heart. Just thought you should know.


(* Tony Robbins quote)

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