5 Sure Ways to Cultivate Confidence

Written by: Victoria


Click on your television set. Tap on your smart phone. Flip open your computer. And it’s right there waiting on you. Today, it seems like negative messages bombard you from nearly every conceivable angle and you just can’t seem to evade it. No wonder then, that though information is at an all-time high, personal confidence seems to be at an all-time low. At least, that they way it seems—and especially among women.

In a competitive and shrinking world like ours confidence in oneself is paramount if we’re to gain the lives we once vividly envisioned for ourselves. And without confidence, living life enthusiastically—the way life is meant to be lived!—becomes a chore and, girl, it should never be that way.

Take note of these 5 simple, yet meaningful ways you can begin to cultivate confidence in yourself and your abilities as a person.

1. Really, Just Be Yourself

Try to remember that there is, nor will there ever be, another you on the face of the Earth. You get a grand total of one life, so what sense does it make to live as, and thereby in the shadow, of someone else?  We are all born equipped with endless power and potential to do or become anything we first envision, but it’s only those of us who recognize our power as individuals that can use it. If you don’t realize the power is in you, you’ll never think use it. Well, I’m telling you it’s there.  Remember that each of us is a giant who has the ability to cast her own great shadow across the Earth. Don’t leave this place without first daring to be yourself.

2. Learn people

Yes. Learn people. You can learn from them, of course, but each person will teach you a lesson, some of them worth learning, and others you’ve learned before. But when we say learn people, we mean learning about their thoughts, habits and actions. When you do this, you take away the guess work that comes with figuring out how they relate to you. When you know how men relate to you, and how they may differ from you, you can approach every encounter with confidence. Did you know that a full 95% of men conform to paradigms given to them from birth? Which means that they’ve conformed to life around them, instead of taking the initiative to design the lives they want, the lives they envisioned as children. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, as Emerson said. Naysayers will come, but pay them no mind.  Writer, Stephen King, is quoted as saying in his early days, when people would ask him, “When are you going to get a real job?” he would invariably answer: “My job is not reaching my deathbed with regrets about dreams I was too scared to pursue. You should look into it.”

He said that usually shut them the hell up.

3. Set yourself a purpose

When you have a purpose, you have literally given yourself something to live for, a reason to be alive. It’s not enough to think, “I’m alive because I’m supposed to be here.” But WHY? An even better question is this: In your view, what’s the highest possible use of your life? We don’t give thought to such a meaningful obligation as defining our own purposes, and most of us roam around life with no aim and no direction. But a purpose gives you that sense of direction. You’re bound to act confidently when you know where you’re going.

4. Set Yourself Some Goals

Now, we all know that setting goals are important. However, it’s when your goals align with your purpose that your purpose is solidified. Every day you inch closer to achieving one of your key goals, the clearer you see that every area of your life begins to coalesce brilliantly around you in ways you would have never imagined. You begin to see that achieving your goals and aspiring to your higher self helps others around you do the same, without much effort on your part. The cycle then feeds itself, and your growth is exponential and to me, this is one of life’s miracles.

5. Make Life React to You

Too often, we go through like in a prolonged reactionary state. That’s wrong. And that makes for a life ill-lived. Men are not the creatures of circumstance, as we often hear it. Circumstances are the creatures of men! What you see, what you perceive will be true for you. When I’m having a low-confidence moment, I immediately ask myself: “What can I do right now to show myself that I still have control of this day?” And immediately, I’m made aware of the present—and where I fit in it. If I see a stranger approach, I not only smile, but I make a deliberate choice to try and make myself the most cheerful fool this ‘stranger’ has seen all day. Sometimes the reactions are priceless, but the interactions are always memorable. It’s a good way to remember that life is to be confidently lived, not reacted to.

In our world, it’s not so easy to feel like you’re on the summit of Everest every minute of the day. But you can easily climb to the summit of good ol’ glorious you. Just remember any one of these pointers, and make the decision to use it. You’ll get to the top of the world in due time.


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